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Fibro-Fit Pack

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Fibroids as we know have stopped a lot of women from having child of their own. These days you’ll see young women with protruding bellies and even though most of these contains fibroid and unwanted fats.

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How Long Should I Take FibroFit Remedy Therapy Before I See Results?
We generally advise you to take it for 2-3 months before seeing the shrinkage in an ultrasound scan, but many of our customers report feeling better after taking FibroidFit Remedy Therapy after just 1 months!
I Have Large Fibroids, will FibroFit Remedy Therapy work for me?
Yes! FibroFit Remedy Therapy was formulated to help women with ALL sizes of fibroids. We have customers whose fibroids are so large they resemble a 4-month pregnancy. We have customers with numerous large fibroids.
FibroFit Remedy Therapy can help you regardless of the size of your fibroids, but if you have extra-large fibroids, you will need to take it for longer before your fibroids shrink completely.
What Are The Side Effects Of FibroFit Remedy Therapy?
FibroFit Remedy Therapy contains only organic and non-sprayed ingredients, so there are no negative side effects.

If you are on a short menstrual cycle, you may notice that adjusts itself to 28 days, but we consider this to be a positive benefit.

Does FibroidFit Remedy Therapy Really Work?

Yes, FibroFit Remedy Therapy really does work, and we have a very high success rate. Most of our customers reorder this product because they are happy with the results they get when they take FibroFit Natural Therapy.
FibroidFit Remedy Therapy has helped women of all ages (including post menopause) and all races in many countries around the world
Can I Take FibroClear If I Have Already Gone Through Menopause?
Yes, FibroFit Remedy Therapy is for women of all ages, and can help you shrink fibroids after menopause.

Will FibroFit Remedy Therapy Get Me Pregnant?

We have found that fibroids can disrupt implantation, or cause miscarriages, which prevents a successful pregnancy. In these situations, shrinking the fibroids can help you have a healthy pregnancy. our FibroFit Remedy Therapy can help you get pregnant, and have a healthy pregnancy even if you have fibroids.
Can FibroidFit Remedy Therapy help me to lose weight?
FibroFit Remedy Therapy is not a weight loss remedy, as it focuses on shrinking fibroids, and managing the symptoms of fibroids.
Many of our customers find that they lose inches around their abdominal area, and shed pounds, but this is a result of fibroid shrinkage.
FibroFit Remedy Therapy does not help you lose weight around hips, thighs, arms etc.
Can I take FibroFit Remedy Therapy If I Am Pregnant?
We don’t advise you to take any herbal remedies while pregnant. Not even FibroFit Remedy Therapy. However, we have a solution for pregnant women who want to stop their fibroids from growing and disrupting their pregnancy.
How Do I Order FibroFit Natural Therapy?
You can order FibroFit Remedy Therapy online via our website, or via telephone and mobile payment.
Do You Deliver To My Country?
Yes, we deliver to all countries around the world


The Fibroid pack is made up of herbal blends (supplements) Which will help you to get rid of fibroid within the next few months. Inside the pack are different natural supplements that will help you to get back your life to a normal individual free from fibroid. Symptoms largely depend on the size and location of the fibroids.

Here is what the “FIBROFIT” Pack Does and it’s Known For ;

  1. Besides its reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries provide a high content of vitamin C. It’s a natural source of healthful proanthocyanidins, which helps to remove harmful free oxygen radicals from the cells.
  2. Lots of people take in a high amount of unhealthful omega 6 which is part of what is the properties of the artic sea to ensure that its included in your daily nutrient intake. This DHA omega 3 is found mostly in the brain, eyes and heart with other part of the nervous system to function properly and effectively.
  3.  Aside from the fact that it helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, it also helps in the lowering of blood cholesterol. With its strong powerful antioxidant and control of blood pressure in the body.
  4. Through its support of the immune system garlic has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream, which if left unchecked can damage healthy cells. The International Food and Information Council (IFIC) cites many examples where garlic effectively offers protection against these free radicals!.
  5.  This is Chinese fruit that has been used for centuries for energy, enhancement of complexion and vision with very strong antioxidant of vitamin C and E which is needed in the body.
  6. Lycium is a dietary supplement intended as a source of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and other benefical phytonutrients, rich in amino acid which is actually the building block of protein and vitamin. This makes it perfect for the kidney and the liver as a result of its strong antioxidant properties.
  7. This combines 2 vital nutrients into one and has a very high antioxidant properties that also promotes the health of the skin in your body. This is also necessary for the health condition of the connective tissues in the body system that helps to live a healthy live. All products in FIBRO-FIT PACK tackles the internal cause of Uterine Fibroids and fixes it permanently. By tackling all fibriods contributing factors using a holistic, multi dimensional apporoach it ensures the permanent eradication of the Ulterine Fibiods internal environment. Here are few of the benefits our customers have enjoyed after following the Fibriods Miracle program …
    • Eliminates all types and sizes of fibriods, naturally and safely.
    • Prevents heavy periods, bleeding cramping and clothing permanently.
    • Eliminate the pian and bloating associated with Uterine Fibriods.
    • Get rid of excessive weight.
    • Become more relaxed and enjoy excellent sleep.
    • Eliminate most digestive disorders.
    • Feel lighter, healthier, look younger and more energetic.
    • Experience enhanced elimination, clockwork periods, thicker hair and healthier skin and nails.
    • Have increased mental clariity, enthusiasm and vitality.
    • Save 1000’s of cedis and avoid the costs and consequences of surgery.


                  REAL TESTIMONIES

“My name is Onyekachi Charity Anyachor, before I came in contact with this products, I had been diagnosed with fibroids/ovarian cyst on 15th of February 2010. It was a terrible experience for me because I had to visit hospital twice a week for treatment. I went through several tests and also minor operation procedures. The doctor even took some tissues from my womb lining for more tests. I was bleeding twice monthly with severe pains and I had to wear diapers because whenever I was bleeding I usually experienced paralysis from my waist to my leg. I have bled for a month non-stop before.

As time went on, I was scheduled for a major surgery on 19th of May 2011. I could no longer wear white which is my best colour because of my excessive bleeding, I started wearing dark colors. This went on for 2 years till I met a friend who recommended these products to me. Lo and behold I started having a normal pain free periods after taking the health supplements which eventually help me to push out the fibroids. I have gone for several tests and scan since that and the doctors could not find the fibroid/cyst. I have been touched by this amazing product”.




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