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Asthma Natural Remedy

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We couldn’t believe that after taking the Product for about a month, the tightness, coughs and loud wheezing she used to experience suddenly disappears.

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My cousin Sharon has had the most traumatizing childhood after she was diagnosed with having an Asthma. She literally puts everyone in a panic mode anytime her attacks come and most of the time we always have to make sure she has her inhaler with her all the time.

It was so bad we had to even hire the services of a private nurse who followed her to school just to hire a private nurse to always attend to her.

Anyway a friend introduced us to Asthma Natural Pack Remedy for adults and kids and her Asthma has disappeared since.

We couldn’t believe that after taking the Product for about a month, the tightness, coughs and loud wheezing she used to experience suddenly disappears.

Now lets understand what this whole Asthma thing is before I tell you about the amazing Product.

What Is Asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disease affecting people of all ages. It is caused by inflammation and muscle tightening around the airways, which makes it harder to breathe. Symptoms can include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. These symptoms can be mild or severe and can come and go over time.

What is the causes of asthma?

Being exposed to things in the environment, like mold or dampness, some allergens such as dust mites, and secondhand tobacco smoke have been linked to developing asthma. Air pollution and viral lung infection may also lead to asthma.

The most common signs of asthma are:

  • Coughing, especially at night, during exercise or when laughing.

  • Difficulty breathing.

  • Chest tightness.

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Wheezing (a whistling or squeaky sound in your chest when breathing, especially when exhaling)

What types of asthma are there?

Asthma is broken down into types based on the cause and the severity of symptoms. Healthcare providers identify asthma as:

  • Intermittent:

     This type of asthma comes and goes so you can feel normal in between asthma flares.

  • Persistent:

     Persistent asthma means you have symptoms much of the time. Symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe. Healthcare providers base asthma severity on how often you have symptoms. They also consider how well you can do things during an attack.

Asthma has multiple causes:

  • Allergic: 

    Some people’s allergies can cause an asthma attack. Allergens include things like molds, pollens and pet dander.

  • Non-allergic: 

    Outside factors can cause asthma to flare up. Exercise, stress, illness and weather may cause a flare.

  • Adult-onset: This type of asthma starts after the age of 18.

  • Pediatric: Also called childhood asthma, this type of asthma often begins before the age of 5, and can occur in infants and toddlers. Children may outgrow asthma. You should make sure that you discuss it with your provider before you decide whether your child needs to have an inhaler available in case they have an asthma attack. Your child’s healthcare provider can help you understand the risks.

  • Exercise-induced asthma: This type is triggered by exercise and is also called exercise-induced bronchospasm.

  • Occupational asthma: This type of asthma happens primarily to people who work around irritating substances.

  • Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS): This type happens when you have both asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Both diseases make it difficult to breathe.

Asthma is widely known as a multi-factorial respiratory disorder with both genetic and environmental underlying risk factors. Among Chronic respiratory diseases, The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about 250,000 deaths from asthma every year.

Just like with many other chronic diseases in Africa, the fast rate of urbanization has been linked to the increase in the burden of asthma and other allergic diseases.

The amazing thing about the Asthma Natural Solution Pack is that it completely gets rid of your Asthma and it’s available for kids and adults. So no matter your age, the product will take care of you.

Another excellent news is that it has no side effects so go ahead and call the numbers below to order for yours now!


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